Why we think Docebo 6.9 is a breath of fresh air



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Why we think Docebo 6.9 is a breath of fresh air

Docebo’s recent update, Docebo 6.9, is a breath of fresh air to the world of Learning Management Systems (LMS). The latest update to their award-winning LMS provides an array of new features for users, including:

Coach and Share

The ‘Coach’ model of Docebo 6.9 enables your learners to engage with subject matter experts (SME’s) directly. Allowing your learners and experts to join forces, creating best practices and sharing knowledge freely amongst your organization.

‘Share’ echoes the theme of distributing knowledge freely, providing a location for your learners to upload valuable content. This content is then categorized and peer-reviewed for validation, forming an area where your learners can easily access knowledge without having to ask busy SME’s.


Docebo have built mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, meaning Docebo LMS is now available on any device.


All of your learning content is now easily available through Docebo in a Netflix-style library. Learners can scroll through courses, videos, documents and much more through the ‘Channels’ module. 

Increased Conferencing Integrations

Docebo now integrates with Blue Jeans, Zoom.us and many more. Facilitating live demonstrations and classes through your LMS. While further updates have allowed you to embed your YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia videos to your eLearning courses, adding an ‘on-demand’ option to your learning strategy.

Much more… 

Docebo now integrates with the authoring tool Lectora, allowing you to import content straight into your Docebo platform. In addition, Docebo now supports PENS, which allows you to publish your course directly from your authoring tool to Docebo LMS.

In our opinion…

We asked our very own Charlotte Bryce, Business Development Manager here at Omniplex, the one thing she loved most about Docebo’s 6.9 release. However, she couldn’t pick just one:

“My favorite feature is Coach and Share, it’s an exciting step forward in the LMS world. I also love the new iOS and Android applications! I think it’s great that Docebo are enabling learners to learn on-the-go!”

Want to learn more?

If you want to find out more about Docebo 6.9, get in touch! One of our friendly sales team will contact you to organize your personal demo of Docebo 6.9 and they will be able to answer any questions you may have on this new update.

Or, if you want to find out a bit more about ‘Coach and Share’, why not check out Docebo’s webinar on what is available in these new models.

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