Omniplex Group continues to expand


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Omniplex Group continues to expand

We’ve very been busy at Omniplex HQ lately, with plans well underway for a very exciting end to 2019. And amongst all of that, we’ve had an office move, or perhaps you could call it a separation. Due to our continued growth, Cursim, Omniplex’s learning services division, have moved into their very own office.

In 2017, Omniplex moved to the beautiful Thrales End Farm and Business Centre – and this summer, we were lucky enough to secure a second plot on the farm, Cursim’s new home. Ellie, Curism’s Quality and Project Co-ordinator (and avid blogger) has written the below, to give you an update on Cursim’s new home!


The new Cursim office

With Omniplex expanding (and our original office slowly starting to get restrictive) the Cursim team moved headquarters this month.

A space on the farm, where we’re located, became available a couple of weeks ago, and once we’d learnt it had been reserved the whole office jumped at the opportunity to visit our new home.

We discovered that along with the ‘desk’ space there was also a kitchen, bathroom and two small box rooms at the back of the room; one of which we’ve decided to convert into a prayer room for members of our team.

The office was a total blank canvas; just an empty space in need of some rejuvenation, which is exactly what happened:

1. Painting and carpet

A smart, grey carpet was laid, and decorators brightened the walls with peach paint, transforming the entire room so it looked spick-and-span ready for us to begin work on updating our new space.

2. Building the furniture

Now this was down to the team! After the Marketing department purchased plenty of flat pack furniture, a group of us spend a morning screwing numerous desks, chairs and shelves together.

After all the tables and chairs are built, we shuffle them about to see what layout worked best: ensuring that the room works as a totally inclusive space.

3. Decorative wall

In order to give the artists in our team a chance to express themselves, we’re going to dedicate a wall to creative thinking! The designs are still in progress but once the paintbrushes have come out, we’ll share the finished product with you all.

4. Final fixes

As with any room, you need some home comforts to finish off. Bins, washing up equipment, microwave, cutlery, tea bags and snacks all appear in the room over the next few days. We even add photos to our double-sided photo frames on our desks to make this a real home-from-home for us all!