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On-demand webinars: Learning Design


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On-demand webinars: Learning Design

This week, Karen Quinton, Head of   Cursim, hosted the fourth webinar in our learning design webinar series. This webinar series has covered macro, backwards and evidence-based learning design, while also covering how to use text, audio and graphics in eLearning. So, just in case you’ve missed any of these webinars, here are the resources for you to catch up:

Webinar 1: Macro learning design

Understanding the bigger picture is an essential starting point for any learning design project. In this webinar, Karen outlined the things you need to consider and why they have an impact on your final design. To discover some of the questions you should ask yourself and your   subject matter experts  throughout the planning stage of creating a course, check out the   slides from the webinar.

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Webinar 2: Backwards learning design

Why on earth would you want to design a learning course backwards? In this webinar, Karen explores the advantages of being clear about where you are going, right from the start. To find out why you might want to start with your learning outcomes,   listen to the recording of the webinar  now.

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Webinar 3: Evidence based learning design

Knowing what impact your design decisions has on learning outcomes can guide you to create more effective learning. In this webinar, Karen introduces the concept of evidence-based learning design at a high level. If you’d like to learn more,   listen to the recording now

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Webinar 4: Using text, sound and graphics in eLearning design

In this webinar, Karen explored the evidence-based design principles which guide how we should use words, sound and images in combination in eLearning design to achieve the best outcomes for learners. Learn some of Karen’s best practice tips for using text, sound and graphics in eLearning design in the   webinar recording.

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