Top nine features of a great LMS


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Top nine features of a great LMS

A learning management system (LMS) is a vital part of any company’s digital toolkit. In recent years, the LMS marketplace has expanded, with a whole host of learning platforms offering an array of features. This abundance of features may leave you confused, but we think the most important features are the following nine:


1. Reporting and analytics

Reporting capabilities should be at the top of your ‘must-have’ list. These offer deep insights into how effective your eLearning is; whether it meets your needs and is helping achieve your overall goals and objectives. Your learning management system should provide you easy access to data and provide you with better learner management capabilities. This allows you to see which learners are excelling in what areas and those that need that extra push.

LMS reporting should also provide you with options to present your learning data in a variety of ways, saving you time creating custom reports, and give you the ability to demonstrate the impact of learning on business outcomes.


2. Ease of use

An LMS must be easy to navigate, not only for administrators, but also for learners. Your aim is to simplify the learner journey, ensuring they can access the right resources at the moment of need. If you’re looking for a new learning platform, make sure you look at it from both the learner and administrator point-of-view to ensure ease of use.


3. Data migration

You most likely have plenty of existing data that you hope to use with your new learning management system. To avoid a headache, make sure you invest in an LMS which makes the migration process as seamless as possible, and that your new LMS supports common data formats.


4. Customer service and support

No matter which LMS you choose, there are times when things will go wrong. It is important to know that your provider offers industry leading support, online help forums and a desirable SLA (service level agreement). Find an LMS with an excellent reputation for customer service and technical support by reading reviews on independent websites.


5. LMS Security

Your LMS will be hosted ‘in the cloud’, which means security and privacy will be paramount. Check that your LMS is compliant with industry standards, and undergoes regular independent checks (like our friends at Docebo do!)


6. Responsiveness

The biggest perk of eLearning is that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. With increases in commuting and working on the go, the best LMS’s are responsive and can be used from a variety of devices without compromising the quality of the course.


7. Customisation

An effective LMS is one that can be customised, not just for individuals but also for organisations. Customising your learning platform will create a recognisable environment for learners and ensure that your brand is reflected through your learning platform, creating an environment bespoke to your needs.


8. Gamification

Learning is most effective when it’s interactive and fun. Gamification increases learner engagement and retention, in addition to enhancing the user experience. The best LMS solutions integrate gamification with points, awards, badges and much more. This incentivizes learners and helps them to track achievements.


9. Social Features

Social media has become an essential part of our everyday life. Today, the best LMS solutions echo social media, creating an informal environment for learners to thrive. The best LMS’s allow, and actively encourage, interaction with other learners throughout the learning journey; this could be via blogs, forums, and  allowing your learners to coach one another, if the need arises.


Although we believe these features are important, it may not be an exhaustive list for your organisation. Your ‘must-have’s will depend on your business needs and expectations. The key to LMS  success is aligning your platform to  your learning strategy, allowing you to provide personalised online training experiences. If you’d like help developing your learning strategy, or choosing a new LMS, get in touch, we’d love to help.