3 reasons Docebo should be your LMS of choice



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3 reasons Docebo should be your LMS of choice

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our friends at Docebo for being ranked a leading LMS, for the fifth consecutive quarter. GetApp, a Gartner company, ranked Docebo the third leading LMS (Learning Management System), scoring particularly highly in the integrations category, and it’s clear to see why.

Docebo integrates with a range of software, including: Google Analytics, Google Drive, Salesforce, WordPress and   many  more. Claudio  Erba, founder and CEO of Docebo stated that “The most powerful results are seen by connecting the technologies employees use every day through integrations”, and we have to agree.

Beyond their extensive list of integrations, here’s 3 reasons we think you should follow the crowd and make Docebo your LMS of choice.

  1. A ready-to-go solution 
    Docebo is a cloud based LMS; allowing you to publish your eLearning courses in minutes and deliver training to your learners across the globe. Quickly white-label your LMS by adding your own logo and brand colors and you’re ready to go. What more could you want?
  2. Blended training approach 
    We know that individuals learn in many different ways  and  Docebo  LMS caters to a wide range of these learning styles. Create a full blended training approach through the LMS itself including: eLearning, classroom training and web conferencing.

    Docebo’s enterprise solution takes this one step further with their Learn, Coach and Share modules. Check them out   here.

  3. Report, recognize and retrain 
    Docebo provides a rich selection of default and custom reports so you can easily monitor your learner’s performance. Custom reporting not only allows you to track your learner’s progress throughout your training program, but it also allows you to identify where gaps in your learner’s knowledge might be appearing.

So we hope that’s given you food for thought, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Docebo is loved by organizations worldwide, including Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and Indeed. Check out this   case study  to see how  Docebo  has helped Trinity Mirror to boost their eLearning initiatives. Or, get stuck in and see for yourself; download a   14-day free trial  of this award-winning Learning Management System.

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