Brexit Statement


Following the government’s announcement in 2017 that the UK wanted to leave the European Union Omniplex (Group) Limited have been taking various steps to minimise any disruption that a no deal Brexit may bring whilst also investigating any new business opportunities in more vibrant markets.

It is still unclear of the precise challenges that Businesses in the UK will face after leaving Europe but here at Omniplex we can promise that our continued planning and thorough investigation into all areas of our trade with the EU and further afield means we are confident the effects of Brexit will not affect our ability to supply our customers – in fact quite the contrary.

As an international business with offices in both the United States and China , and with China the worlds second largest economy still posting strong growth rates we are confident our business will continue to meet and even exceed the growth plans we have in place for this Financial Year in both the UK and internationally.

This is further supported by the EU regulations and red tape that will be removed post Brexit and over time Britain will become a better place for businesses to thrive and business ownders to scale their companies. We believe Brexit should be taken as an opportunity to cut burdensome regulations on small businesses.

Also a provider of services we will be unaffected by many of the possible challenges importers and exporters of goods may face however we have still examined the many exit scenarios in relation to our main business operations including;

  • Selling services to the EU and internationally
  • Purchasing services from the EU and internationally
  • Financial impact of any currency fluctuations
  • Trading with our European and International supply chain partners
  • Regulations in the EU and International countries that we currently trade with
  • Legal, regulatory and administrative changes

We will spend the next few weeks ensuring that our existing customer base are assured that our preparations are vigorous, and the supply of their services will be uninterrupted. We will continue to work with our supply chain partners, senior leadership team and external advisors to ensure a smooth transition to all the stakeholders of Omniplex (Group) Limited.

Matthew Lloyd