Omniplex Guide

The Digital Adoption Solution


Simplify software usage with the Omniplex Guide digital adoption platform. Deliver in-app guides, help, and support for employees when they really need it – in the flow of work. Improve training outcomes, boost employee task performance and unstick digital transformation projects. Book your free demo today.

Drive better business outcomes

Drive better business outcomes

With features to empower your employees, and fast rollout from our team, Omniplex Guide is the tool that can drive better business outcomes and accelerate digital transformation.

Learning In The Flow of Work

Productivity, uninterrupted. Give
your team on-the-job support – saving time and reducing support tickets.

A Helping Hand for the Whole Business

Empower staff to find their own answers, and bring new team members up to speed faster.

Streamline your Business Processes

Speed up critical tasks, reduce the risk of lost time and revenue, and reduce employee frustration.


Improve ROI for any software app



Turn your people into power users across business workflows

Digital Transformation

Drive higher performance and greater productivity for new systems and applications.

Employee Onboarding

Create personalised onboarding programmes that make a positive impact from day one.

Data Integrity

Ensure accurate data input to make informed business decisions.


capacity of support agents and reduce support tickets.

Change Management

Guide everyone through change and ways of working with ease.

Key Features

Omniplex Guide features

Omniplex Guide features

Omniplex Guide

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