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4 factors you need to consider when choosing eLearning templates



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4 factors you need to consider when choosing eLearning templates

eLearning templates allow you to create eye-catching eLearning courses and cut down on the cost of development. But how do you choose an eLearning template that suits your learning content and the needs of your learners? Here are 4 factors you need to consider when selecting the best eLearning templates.

Branding integration

Before you commit to buying a template, make sure it offers complete flexibility to implement your organisations branding, for example, logo, colour scheme and graphics. The best eLearning templates allow you to change the colour scheme in the global settings, simplifying the customisation process and saving you time. This also applies to fonts, make sure there is a global way to change fonts throughout the entire course before you invest.


You need to make sure that your eLearning template provides a positive experience for your learners. They should be able to make their way through the eLearning course without navigation hindering their progress. If a learner is confused by your navigation, they’re less likely to achieve the learning objectives. A good eLearning template should have clearly visible navigation icons that are not obstructed by other visual elements.

Additionally, you also need to consider how the learners will access your eLearning content. If there is a chance, they will be viewing the content from their mobile devices, the template you use should be mobile-friendly. This is especially important for learners who need to commute for long periods of time or work away from the office.


You would be surprised at how limiting some templates are! For example, does your template support interactions like drag and drop or hotspots? Does it allow you to move around text and image blocks? These are all options that can make a huge difference to your eLearning course design. Ensure that your eLearning templates give you creative control without sacrificing user-friendliness.

Support the subject matter

When choosing an eLearning template, you should aim to choose one that is relevant to your eLearning content and learners. All the elements in your eLearning template should adhere to a particular theme to create a sense of cohesiveness which also caters to the interests of your learners.

So, there you have it, some of our top considerations when choosing your next eLearning template. But if you still need help choosing, our eLearning solutions consultants are here to help, contact us now.