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Ask the Articulate Trainer: Part 4



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Ask the Articulate Trainer: Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of the “Ask the Articulate Trainer” blog series. In this blog I’m going to ask a couple of questions about Articulate Quizmaker.

Q: Is it better to create the quiz in Articulate ‘by hand’ in Storyline or use Articulate Quizmaker? Why? What are some pearls here?

Quizmaker does not seem to have all the possible bells and whistles one might want (for example, feedback on error 1 different from error feedback 2).
A: Quizmaker is part of the Studio suite that is designed to plug into your PowerPoint created courses. Quizmaker has all the same question types as Storyline, and the same scoring and feedback options. The areas where Quizmaker varies are in the creation of question banks and collating results from multiple individual quizzes in the same course:
  • Quizmaker allows randomisation within groups inside individual quizzes but any mandatory questions will always be in fixed positions within the quiz. Storyline question banks allow a mandatory question to still be included in a random order.
  • When it comes to reporting results, Storyline can have multiple result slides, so you are able to combine multiple quizzes into one overall score. With Quizmaker you can only choose one quiz to report.
However, both Quizmaker and Storyline allow for the import of questions from excel or text files, which can greatly speed up question development in both tools.

Q: We launch yearly compliance training using Quizmaker in Storyline, however, we often have users who attempt the test several times, but it does not track them as ‘complete’.

They press ‘Finish’ and ‘Exit’ and close the module properly. Is this something I can improve my end when loading the SCORM file to our LMS? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

A: Firstly, your quiz will only report a “Complete” mark if the user actually passes the quiz, not just finishes it.
Then, if you are sure the users are definitely passing the quiz and it is still not reporting correctly you should check your LMS reporting status in the publish settings:
There are four options available:
  1. Passed/Incomplete
  2. Passed/Failed
  3. Complete/Incomplete
  4. Complete/Failed
Some learning management systems will accept several of these, so for a quiz you could use “Passed/Failed”. However, some require a specific setting in here no matter how the course it tracked. Check with your LMS provider to find out which category yours falls into.
Editors note: Omniplex are the sole certified training provider here in the UK. This blog is made up of questions submitted by you, Articulate users, to our expert trainers about using the whole of the Articulate 360 package. If you want to submit a question for a future blog, please email Punam Kaur at [email protected]