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Create winning eLearning quizzes with our top 5 tips



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Create winning eLearning quizzes with our top 5 tips

eLearning quizzes play a key role in many courses, but they are also easily overused. Here are our top tips for creating the perfect (meaningful) quiz.

1. Adjust the ADDIE model:

Move the “E” from the end to after the “A,” so your new model should read: AEDDI —   Analyse, Evaluate, Design, Develop, Implement. Instead of ADDIE. This is because you should always create any evaluation (or quiz) before you design and develop the course. The idea is to make sure the objectives, not the content, drive the quiz questions. This way, your quiz will outline what you really want your learners to get out of the course.

2. Ease up on the (easy to guess) multiple choice

Don’t list the correct answer next to three obvious wrong answers. Try offering at least one potentially correct answer with the other options. If your course happens to be about safety compliance, for example, those wrong answers could have some serious future implications.

3. Don’t ‘beat’ learners with tricks

We all want a fair fight, and your learners are no different. That’s why I recommend not trying to trick your learners with traps or semantics. After all, the purpose of eLearning is to train your workers, not ambush them.

4. Applicable questions

The best way to train your learners is with courses that involve real world experiences. Utilising case studies is a great way to do this. The biggest benefit to eLearning is the provision of a ‘safe-to-fail’ environment. So, do your best to recreate any applicable real-life pressure.

5. Provide feedback for answers

It’s important to make sure the learner understands why they got something right or wrong. Be sure to include feedback explaining to the learner how their answer was correct, or how it was wrong. If the learner isn’t absorbing the information, the course objective isn’t being fulfilled. So, there are my five top tips for creating relevant, meaningful eLearning quizzes. Do you have more? Let us know in the comments below.