Customise your learner experience with Docebo 7.4



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Customise your learner experience with Docebo 7.4

The newest release of Docebo, which launched this week, is developed with user experience in mind. Docebo 7.4 introduces drag-and-drop page builders, new reporting features and even a ‘remember me’ option for log in; improving both admin and learner experience. There are lots of notable new features in Docebo 7.4, so we thought we’d summarise them for you:

Docebo Learn


Docebo Pages allow you to easily customise the learner experience. Its drag-and-drop interface means you can choose what your learners see on your Docebo portal, with no coding required! Using widgets, you can build an entirely bespoke page for your organisation, whilst still incorporating leader boards, activity streams, profiles and much more.

If you’re wondering how the transition between the old pages and menus management to these new ones, please see this   Q&A article from Docebo.

Hiding courses in catalogue

Docebo 7.4 also allows Super Admins to create   multiple menus and associate them to user groups, branches or levels, compared to the current process of having one menu and changing the visibility rules for single menu items. This allows you to keep courses in the catalogue, but prevent your learners from seeing them until you’re ready and happy for them to enrol.

Branches dashboard

The new   branches dashboard  provides both an at-a-glance view and in-depth view of your enrolment and completion statistics, by branch.

Non-renewable subscriptions

If you’re using the ‘Subscriptions module’ in your LMS, you can now add a start and end date to subscriptions, meaning users will no longer have to purchase only renewable subscriptions.

Content partners*

The new ‘Content Partners’ app in Docebo will strengthen your relationships with your course partners. This app allows you to add a list of content partners to your LMS and assign courses to them (i.e. the courses these partners have provided).  Once a course is assigned to a partner, they can display their marketing banners on a course’s player and overview pages, as well as in course catalogues.

*This is available for Enterprise customers only.

Coach & Share

Updated playlists

If you’re using the Coach & Share module, you can now add your own courses to a playlist. This includes eLearning courses, webinars and classroom courses. This ensures your learners can easily access all of your content, in one location.


Docebo 7.4 also brings with it a new integration to Skill, which has now been added as an off-the-shelf learning content provider for Docebo’s Content Marketplace.

In addition, Docebo have extended the integration with Lynda, meaning learners can now browse through Lynda course catalogues directly from your LMS. Once you’ve activated the integration, the Lynda catalogue will appear in your LMS course catalogue, allowing your learners access to even more courses for professional and personal growth.

And much more…

Also included in the latest release of Docebo 7.4 is an all new ‘remember me’ option on log in, a new set of external training APIs and a bulk import option for the Content Marketplace.

To learn more about Docebo LMS,   download a free trial today, or contact us for a   personal demo.