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Five ways off-the-shelf eLearning can help your organisation


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Five ways off-the-shelf eLearning can help your organisation

People often cringe at the thought of off-the-shelf eLearning content; many believe off-the-shelf courses are full of generic content, are difficult (or impossible) to edit and will never fit into organisational goals.

Although off-the-shelf eLearning courses aren’t ideal for everyone, they do have their advantages in many situations. Read on to learn the five ways off-the-shelf eLearning content can help your organisation.

  1. Fits into smaller budgets

    We’d all love to have infinite resources to spend on our learning program, but that’s not the case for most of us. Off-the-shelf content enables you to create an eLearning library without investing into custom eLearning content development or creating the courses internally.
  2. Quick response to urgent requirements

    Do you have an urgent requirement for training? Have new regulations come in, meaning you need to train your staff immediately? Off-the-shelf courses are ready-to-go and cover over 200 topics, so they’re perfect for urgent requirements.

  3. Industry expertise

    Off-the-shelf content is created by an experienced team who have years of expertise in the field. Off-the-shelf content ‘is backed by experts in the field who know which information to include and how to deliver it in a digestible format’. So, with off-the-shelf content you know you’re getting eLearning that works, and will generate a return on investment for your organisation.

  1. Eases pressure on internal teams

    Any team in the world will tell you there are times they’re at maximum capacity, and can’t take on any more work. If that period of maximum capacity coincides with the really urgent requirement mentioned in point two, then you might find yourself struggling to meet deadlines. However, off-the-shelf courses are a great way of easing that pressure, providing ready-to-go courses in an instant.

  1. Easy to personalise and edit

    Yes, you read that right. Off-the-shelf courses from   Rapid Course  are easy to edit and personalise. That’s because when you purchase a course from Rapid Course you not only get the eLearning course, you get the source file too. Meaning you can make any edits quickly and easily in Articulate Storyline.

If you want to learn more about off-the-shelf courses, or if you want to discuss your options, feel free to get in touch. One of our expert eLearning Solutions Consultants will be happy to help.