Increase collaboration with Articulate Rise



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Increase collaboration with Articulate Rise

Rise is the latest authoring tool from Articulate, allowing   users to create inherently responsive courses right from their web browser. Every mobile-optimised lesson in Rise is easy to build and beautiful to behold. Simply add text and media—Rise does the rest.

Since its launch, users have requested an increase in collaboration on Rise. Up until now, only one author could work on a Rise course, without the ability to send the course to their colleagues, peers or clients. However, this week Articulate released an exciting update to Rise, allowing users to send their course to anybody with a 360 subscription.Rise image-1.png

The ability to send your course file to another author, allows them to pick up on your development work (which is great for larger eLearning development teams!) or tweak the course as they see fit. However, it is worth pointing out that both authors will have an independent copy of the same project, so any changes you make to your copy of the course will not appear in the other version, so version control is crucial!

If you want to learn how to share your Rise course, watch   this Peek video, or follow the simple steps below:

  1. Select “Send a Copy” from the ellipsis button on the dashboard.
  2. Add the email address of the person you want to send it to. (Remember, they need to have a 360 subscription!)
  3. The other author will be sent an email notification and when they log in to their Articulate 360 account, a copy of your course will be on their dashboard.

So, we hope this new feature aids your eLearning content development and further simplifies the content development process for your team. But Articulate haven’t stopped there, they’ve promised that they will soon be releasing a ‘Collaborations’ feature, which will allow multiple authors to work on the same course – so seamless collaboration within Rise will soon be a possibility.

Download your free trial of Articulate 360 now! 

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