Little changes that will make a big difference to your eLearning



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Little changes that will make a big difference to your eLearning

During the eLearning design and development process there are a few things that sometimes fly under the radar and can have a negative impact on your eLearning success. So, here is a list of my top tips, that can make a big difference to your eLearning.


Engage with SMEs

Even if you know a great deal about the topic, it is a good idea to seek the help of a subject matter expert. They can help you make sure that all the important concepts and ideas are being covered in your eLearning course. SMEs can give you a clear sign on what content needs including, how the information needs to be delivered and the accuracy of the content.


Consistent layout and design

In a study by Missouri University of Science and Technology, researchers used eye-tracking software to see where users spent most time on a page. Their findings revealed that 94% of the factors that influence first impressions were design related. To keep your learners engaged, your eLearning should have a consistent design throughout and that is user-friendly across all areas. Visual consistency allows learners to navigate their way through the course, this lends familiarity to the interface so learners feel confident using it. There is beauty in balance – makings sure you use the right colours, fonts, spacing and imagery goes a long way. Designing visual elements to look and function consistently makes sure the course looks professional and doesn’t reek of laziness.



Responsive eLearning is the practice of designing a course that is accessible from a variety of devices and screen sizes without compromising on quality of the course. The biggest benefit of responsive eLearning is that it provides unmatched learning flexibility to your learners. It encourages them to achieve their learning objectives efficiently – whether they’re using a laptop, tablet or a phone. Designing a course that is responsive ensures that learners do not spend any time adjusting the course to their screen. They can simply log on to any device and pick up where they left off – focusing 100% on your course content.


Promote it internally

You’ve created an awesome eLearning course, but for your course to be a complete success you now need to get your learners interested in taking it. Active participation is one of the key points of an effective eLearning course. In order for you to improve your learning ROI your learners have to be fully engaged and motivated to learn. Learners must be aware of the benefits of the eLearning course and how it will benefit them increasing their performance. To market your training in house you could host a company-wide webinar, start a social media group, spark online discussions through an eLearning forum or even start an eLearning newsletter.


Mix it up- different formats of digital learning

Choosing the right eLearning method totally depends upon the needs of your organisation. Everyone has a different learning style and with content delivered using a variety of formats, you can cater to all. Examples of this include video, game-based learning, microlearning, webinar, interactive scenarios or simulations. By doing so, you can ultimately achieve much better results than you would by trying to impose a one-size-fits-all approach.

Effective eLearning comes when you think like a learner, understand a learner’s needs and tailor courses for that learner. These changes give you the opportunity to create a more interactive and learner-centered eLearning experience.

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