More awards for Docebo LMS: What’s their secret to success?



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More awards for Docebo LMS: What’s their secret to success?

We’re still at a relatively early stage of our Docebo partnership, but once again, another award recognition has cemented my firm belief that Docebo LMS is one of the most exciting solutions available on the market.

GetApp, a Gartner company, has named Docebo a .  top cloud learning management system  in GetRank, its quarterly ranking of the top 25 LMS applications in the cloud. The judging is based on 5 key LMS criteria, of which Docebo scored highest possible marks in the Integration category.

For full details on the award announcement and scoring criteria, take a look at Docebo’s latest blog post here.

Great news and congratulations to everyone at Docebo! However, this isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last recognition Docebo will receive this year. Put the GetApp recognition alongside Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology awards, E-Learning 24/7 and Training Industry awards received in the past few months.

But what makes Docebo unique? Why is Docebo standing out from the (very!) crowded LMS market?

For those of you who have been reviewing, assessing, and selecting LMS’ over recent years, you’ll be very familiar with these common LMS tag-lines; User-friendly! Intuitive! Brandable! 

All sounds very impressive, but does that really help your LMS to stand-out? To the contrary, I suspect these tag-lines are starting to be a switch-off to most prospective LMS buyers, as they are just so commonly used and are now more of an expectation.

To dig a little deeper, let’s go back to GetApp’s scoring criteria to start to give us a steer here; what did they see as the defining qualities to rate an LMS on?

  1. Reviews: Scoring based on actual user experience and client reviews. Yep, I value those views. I’m buying a new car soon; I’ll take in both critic and user reviews before I make a decision; I don’t want to be left with a high-maintenance, poorly-serviced and badly-built car. Same goes for my LMS.
  1. Integrations: Scoring based on total number of, and ease to implement, integrations. If you work anywhere like Omniplex, your business success is supported by many solutions; Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Google Analytics, WordPress, Zendesk are just some of ours. Docebo LMS is ready to integrate with them all – that certainly works for my business learning requirements. Check out more details on integrations here.
  1. Mobile Platforms: scores are based on app availability. Many organisations we speak to have increasing need to mobilise their workforce, and therefore their training. Making my LMS super-easy and accessible to mobile is another tick for me.
  1. Media Presence: scoring based on social network presence and followers. This comes down to marketing, brand-awareness, popularity, and a desire to share the knowledge. I completely buy in to that; an active media presence is a sign of a healthy, savvy, organisation; enhancing the potential of me doing business with them.
  1. Security: This is always going to be a huge factor, especially as we move into an increasingly cloud-hosted world, and moving away from local-install options. It’s becoming the expectation now; I want a simple to implement, affordable, cloud-hosted, and most importantly secure solution. My LMS can contain some very sensitive data – I need to know the database is secure.

So, is this the new LMS selection criteria for us all to follow? I think GetApp are not far off at all. And if you are looking for a new LMS, this is a very good selection criteria to add alongside your own unique organisational training needs. The full GetApp report is available   here – take a look and see where Docebo scored so well.

Interested in seeing Docebo LMS’ award-winning features in more detail? Book a live demo now!