How to encourage learners to prioritise learning



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How to encourage learners to prioritise learning

One of the challenges we face in the digital learning industry is getting learners to prioritise learning. We want learners to learn, retain and recall the material presented to them, while having an enjoyable learning experience. But this cannot be achieved if learners do not take the course in the first place.
How can we, as L&D professionals, encourage learners to prioritise learning? What’s the best route to take to persuade learners to make time for eLearning?

Tip 1: You must prioritise learning experience design

Learning experience isn’t just about the actual course. It’s about the learning platform, the environment, even the communication about the course.
Design a course, invest in a learning platform and develop a launch campaign that will excite your learners. It’ll be much easier to get them to prioritise learning if they actually want to take it!

Tip 2: Encourage them to schedule time for learning

To truly prioritise learning, you’ll have to encourage your learners to set aside time to complete it. With this, make sure you’re encouraging learners to book out ample time. It’s rare that an eLearning course will actually take 10 minutes to effectively digest and understand. Also encourage learners to book time out in their calendar, to show colleagues they are busy – it’s a great way at ensuring learning is taken as as seriously as other meetings and tasks.

Tip 3: Explain the importance of walking away from distractions

Many learners I’ve spoken to say “eLearning takes too long”. Those are the same learners who scroll through social media in the hour slot they’ve given themselves for learning. Encourage learners to turn off mobiles, email notifications and chat programmes – to really give learning the attention it deserves.
So, there’s our three top tips on what learners can do to get the most out of their eLearning time. Maybe you have more? Tweet your tips to us at @omniplexelearn, we’d love to know your thoughts!