Promoting your eLearning courses: Are you getting the word out effectively?



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Promoting your eLearning courses: Are you getting the word out effectively?

Countless hours are spent on the planning and creation of eLearning courses for learners. But, once you’ve uploaded them on your LMS, are you spending an equitable amount of time promoting them?

Promoting the courses available to your learners can often be left to the last minute or ignored.  To help you get the word out effectively we have compiled a list of 5 economical, impactful and easy ways to make sure your eLearning courses are not overlooked.

1. A Course Promotion Video

Whether you’re interviewing a previous participant or introducing the instructors of the course, promotional videos are an impactful, convenient and user friendly way to promote your eLearning courses. To take the effectiveness of the video one step further, be sure to include information for the audience on where to go with questions at the end of the video.

2. Newsletters

Many organizations have an existing newsletter that goes to their learners. If you do, then be sure to include a section that mentions the courses available on your LMS, the dates they are in session and any other pertinent information, i.e. completion dates. If you do not have an existing newsletter, consider creating one which is sent quarterly via email for participants to refer back to as they register and enroll in eLearning courses.

3. Hold A Contest

Nothing sparks interest like a contest! Offer a reward to the first person to complete the course, register for the course or highest score earned. Rewards can range in size from a prepaid coffee card to a team dinner, it’s completely up to you. Bragging rights are universal and are sure to promote your courses and your participants in a positive light.

4. No pressure internal promotion

Your company intranet is often a great place to promote eLearning courses, utilize it! You could also consider adding links to course information in your email signature that pertain to your department. The more often something is seen, the easier it is to remember and ‘no pressure’ internal promotion is a great way to get the word out without your learners feeling hounded or chased to participate.

5. Social Media

Don’t miss an opportunity to showcase or announce new and available courses on your organization’s social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, if you’re selling course externally. A few well timed and well placed announcements can increase interest and enrollment for your courses.

Getting the word out about your eLearning courses is a sure-fire way to increase participation and showcase all the hard work that goes into the content on your LMS. If you would like the help of an eLearning expert or would like to discuss more ways to increase your LMS course participation we’re here, ready and available to help you get the most out of your efforts. Set up a free consultation to discuss your current LMS and course offerings.