Gorgeous data visualisation in Rise 360



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Gorgeous data visualisation in Rise 360

Last week Articulate released another super-useful update to Rise 360: A brand new block type, the chart block.

We already know that Rise 360 allows everyone (and anyone!) to create beautiful, responsive eLearning courses. But with this latest update, you can now demonstrate facts and figures to your learners, with bar charts, line graphs and pie charts, with the all-new block.

So, make understanding data easy for your learners, with the steps below:

How to use the Chart Block in Rise 360

Once you’re in your lesson in Rise 360, you will see your ‘add block’ menu. From this menu, you’ll need to click ‘all blocks’ to make the left-hand side menu appear. From this menu, click ‘chart’:

You will then get the option of three charts; Bar, Line and Pie. Select the chart you’d prefer – in this example, I selected ‘Bar chart’.

When you’ve selected your chart style, a placeholder chart will be added to your course. To edit the chart, click ‘edit’ on the top left-hand side of your block.

Within this  tab, you will be able to change the values, titles, colours and add more items  – without leaving Rise 360! And there you have it, a beautiful, responsive chart for your course.

But what if you decide your data would actually be better suited to a pie chart? Have no fear, that change can be completed a with the click of a button, too!

Switching your chart style

 Switching between chart styles could not be easier. In the top left-hand side of your block you will have a drop-down menu, displaying your current style. Clicking this drop down will show the three chart options, simply clicking ‘line chart’ or ‘pie chart’ will transform your entire graph to the new format.

Customising your chart

Changing the colour of your graph couldn’t be easier. If you are using a bar or line chart, you simply need to click Edit > Settings. In this Settings panel, you can change both the background colour and line/bar colour, with either a HEX code, or using a colour selector.

If you’re using a pie chart, you can customise the colour of each slice  by clicking the coloured block next to your item within your ‘content’ panel.

So, there you have it, a brand new way to present data to your learners – in just a few clicks! If you want to learn more about  the chart block in Rise 360, check out the video from the team at Articulate,  below: