Storyline 360: Question Banks 101



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Storyline 360: Question Banks 101

Question banks in Storyline 360 are containers for question slides. You pop your questions into a bank, and draw them out as needed. This is extremely useful when you want your learners to see a unique set of questions, in a unique order every time; a powerful way to assess your learners’ knowledge retention. Check out our 101 tips below on using Question Banks in Storyline 360:

Creating question banks

By default, one empty question bank is automatically added to each Storyline 360 project. If you would like to create more question banks you’ll need to follow the below steps:

Go to the Slide tab, click Question Banks and choose Create Question Bank.

When prompted, enter a name for the question bank and click OK.

Drawing from a bank

After creating a question bank and populating it with your content, you have two choices: to display an entire question bank or, if you would prefer, just a random subset of these questions.

To draw from a bank you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. From Story View, select the slide that you want to precede the bank draw.
  2. Click Question Banks| New Draw from Question Bank.
  3. Choose the options necessary to adjust the draw.
  4. Click Insert.

Managing question banks

There will be times when you may need to edit, duplicate, rename and delete a question banks. In order to:

Edit a bank: You will need to click the pencil icon in the lower left corner.

Duplicate a bank: You will need to click the icon that looks like two rectangles.

Rename a bank: You will need to select the question bank and click the ‘ab’ icon, then type a new name and press Enter on your keyboard.

Storyline 360 will give your question banks a default name of Question Bank1, Question Bank 2 etc. We recommend giving your question bank a more intuitive name, so it is easy to recognise the correct question bank.

Deleting a bank: You will need to select the bank and click the trash bin icon.

Editing questions in Slide View

If you would like to change the slide design and adjust the question properties you will need to open it in Slide View by:

  • Going to the Home tab and click Edit Question.
  • Right clicking the question and choose Edit Question.

Rearranging Slides

There may be times when you will need to rearrange questions in your project. The easiest way to rearrange slides in a question bank is to simply drag them with your mouse to a new location.

But, you can also rearrange slides in either of these ways:

  • Go to the Home tab and click Move Question, then choose Up or Down.
  • Right click a question, scroll to Move Question, then choose Up or Down.

Locking Slides

Locking slides affects how they’re randomised and drawn into your course. For example, you might lock a slide to the top of your question bank so it’ll always appear first in your quiz – even if you randomise your question draw.

To lock a question, go to the Home tab, click Lock Question, and choose one of the locking options. You can lock a slide to the question immediately above/below it or top/bottom of the question bank.

Editing attempts and points within the bank

If you’re looking for an easy way to edit and assign points to multiple quiz questions, the question bank is the way to go. First, navigate to your question bank by going to Slides in your Storyline ribbon, clicking question banks and selecting ‘manage question banks’. You will notice two columns displayed to the right of your questions on the screen: attempts and points.

Here you can easily adjust all of the attempts and points for a quiz in one easy place, instead of having to open up the Question Editor for each individual quiz slide.

I hope you have found these 101 tips on using question banks in Storyline 360 useful. In the meantime, why not check out how to manage question banks and how to add and edit slides in a question bank.You can also check out our 101 tips on Hotspots and Markers in Storyline 360

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