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Using Vyond: Taking it one step further


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Using Vyond: Taking it one step further

In my last blog I gave away my beginners secrets to using Vyond, if you haven’t read it yet, check it out here. Assuming you’ve read that blog, and tried out all the tips, I thought I’d give you a few more. This time I’m going to focus on how to take your Vyond usage up a level.

Today I’m going to showing you how you can integrate Vyond gifs and videos into your eLearning course (and company presentations, websites and so on… but this is an eLearning community – so I’ll stick to mostly that!)

So, let’s begin…


Ambient movement

Ambient movement is a great way to bring your eLearning content to life. To add ambient movement to your eLearning, you need to add gifs with subtle animation, as either a background or a subset of your slide. This subtle animation lures your learners into your course but does not distract them from the learning at hand.

There are many ways to add ambient movement using Vyond, one of the easiest ways is with pre-made backgrounds or props.

For example, this is a templated background in Vyond.

To add this into your eLearning course, you’d simply export as a GIF and place at the back of your slide.

Or, you could use a prop to have the same impact, this scene simply uses the ‘Coffee’ prop exported as a gif and ‘sends it to the back’ of the slide.

Your eLearning mascot

To really bring your learning to life, you can use Vyond characters as your eLearning mascot. Adding characters to your course can help your learners feel a connection with the content and help trigger their mirror neurons, prompting them to have specific emotional connections with the learning at hand.

To choose your eLearning mascot, simply go into the character creator in Vyond and choose a style that best suits your needs. From there you can have your character perform almost any action imaginable.

For example, going for a run:

Or conducting an MRI scan:

Give feedback

Giving your learners visual feedback on their actions is a sure-fire way to ramp up engagement in your course. Adding this personalised feel to your course will prompt learner investment in the content at hand. For example, you could add a celebration gif or video when the learner gets an answer right:

Or when they don’t get the answer quite right, you could add this instead:

You’ll notice that I’ve not included my character crying or looking angry at the incorrect answer. Though many learners may take this in the light-hearted way it’s intended, some learners, particularly those that are struggling with the subject matter, may take it to heart.


Import your own assets!

If you really can’t find the assets that match your brand in Vyond, you can import and animate your own assets. Check out Omniplex’s homepage, every single animation was created in Vyond – with assets imported from Adobe’s Illustrator! Even this fantastic looking Omniplex X was created in Vyond:



Bring your eLearning to life with Vyond

So, there you have my four ways to bring your eLearning to life. Have you got any other tips on using Vyond in eLearning? Leave them in the comments below – I’d love to know what you think!