Utilizing your LMS: Why you should build up your course library



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Utilizing your LMS: Why you should build up your course library

Continually educating your employees is far more beneficial than periodical training. One of the most important  LMS  tips we give is to invest in your employees’ future skillset by building up your course library. So how many courses do you currently have in your  LMS  library?

Consider adding a few courses that can entice your learners to take greater initiative in the workplace. It may surprise you how effective a little LMS management can be to increase learner engagement and support personal growth within your department and company.

There are three ways to grow your library:

  1. Off-the-shelf courses
  2. Custom, outsourced courses
  3. Build them in-house

Off-the-shelf courses may be the easiest route for most organizations. Some content development companies offer premade courses on general topics such as Microsoft software training, project management training and even grammar fundamentals training. In most cases, these ready-made courses are the most economical way to add to your LMS library.

Some organizations may need to outsource custom content development for courses specific to their industry and skillset. For this, companies like   Cursim  are great resources, as they can create custom courses on any subject, of any length and with the look and feel you desire (outsourced courses should always match your brand identity).

Any questions or comments? Feel free to let us know! And remember, send this post to someone you know who could use a little eLearning.

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