Who run the world? Women in Tech.


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Who run the world? Women in Tech.

This International Women’s Day, Omniplex Learning celebrates it’s team of female trailblazers, defying the odds of the Tech Industry and championing our inspirational women. We #choosetochallenge the low female representation in this sector and lead the way to change.

This year’s International Women’s Day observes the theme ‘Choose to Challenge’, aiming to raise awareness of gender bias and inequality within many industries including tech, while recognising the achievements of women. Despite much progress being made, only 19% of the UK tech workforce are women, according to Tech Nation.


Defying the odds…

Being in the technology industry, we here at Omniplex Learning are proud to say that 54% of our current workforce are female and 50% of our workforce are females in a senior leadership position.


On female leadership…

“I have been fortunate to work with many remarkable women in my career. To have built a business in the technology sector which defies the odds of gender split is a welcome but not unexpected fact to me. Omniplex Learning recruits, appoints and rewards people based on ability, so it’s no surprise to me that a number of outstanding women hold positions of power and responsibility at Omniplex Learning.

As the company grows, I pledge to continue to champion female representation and leadership at all levels of the business. Diversity is too often characterised as a well-meaning concession. It is not. It makes for a more successful, a wiser, organisation; and is a prerequisite for our continued success.”

Matthew Lloyd, CEO



Our HR Manager, Michelle Toward, who has just celebrated her 1 year work anniversary talks about her experience in re-joining the workplace after a career break, being part of dynamic (female-led) senior leadership team, and our Women In Tech #girlboss attitude.

Having previously worked for Transport for London and taken a career break to have children, re-entering the workplace was a daunting prospect. I have been amazed at the understanding and flexibility extended to me at Omniplex Learning. As a working parent, having the ability to agree working hours that mean I can pick up my children from school twice a week and have contact time with the school is game-changing. During the first lockdown, the company provided me with childcare support, and during the second lockdown, I was able to ‘home school’ my son from the boardroom here, allowing my husband and daughter time and space in our house, and ultimately giving my young family the much-needed sanity during these challenging times.

None of this has impacted my career prospects and I see how powerful, inspirational and influential women are celebrated and encouraged here.

Here at Omniplex Learning, we acknowledge that the world of technology still has a long way to go before its equal, and it is our responsibility to reflect on why gender equality in tech is so difficult to achieve and how the current inequality is being sustained. Today’s a day to celebrate the women whose strength and resilience have made you the person you are. Here’s to strong women. May we known them, may we be them, and may we raise them.

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