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Elevate your systems training experience in Articulate with Guide Workflow Assistant


Guide Workflow Assistant is a specialised tool that transforms your content creation experience within the Articulate application, seamlessly blending GWA’s intuitive workflow creation with Articulate’s best-in-class capabilities.

Craft comprehensive guides with professional, automatically-captured screenshots, export them as PowerPoint presentations, and then import directly into Articulate for further refinement.

Drive better business outcomes

Drive better business outcomes

With GWA, save hours spent on time-consuming manual tasks and navigating complicated software. Enjoy the freedom of having more precious time to work on important tasks, helping you to deliver digital learning to your learners seamlessly and swiftly.

Accelerate your efficiency

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual screenshotting. GWA captures every step automatically, freeing you up to focus on what matters most.

Seamless integration

Export your guides as PowerPoint slides and drop them directly into Articulate for further refinement.

Future-proof your business

GWA adapts to your evolving needs. As your demands scale, you can elevate your guides to interactive, in-app aides, ensuring you’re always one step ahead.


The importance of getting systems training right

The importance of getting systems training right


Effortless learning

Presenting complex systems with straightforward, digestible content, boosts understanding and retention making learning seamless for employees.


Learning for all

A simplified training approach accommodates diverse learning styles, ensuring every team member can comprehend and master the systems.


Ensures consistency

The right training guarantees all employees use systems in a consistent manner, crucial for data accuracy and streamlining operations.


Maximised time-efficiency

Condensed, clear training expedites learning, freeing up more time for practical application of skills, saving crucial organisational time.

Key Features

Guide Workflow Assistant features

Guide Workflow Assistant features

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