Better, Faster, Stronger: Fast-track your eLearning development with Articulate 360’s latest updates


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Better, Faster, Stronger: Fast-track your eLearning development with Articulate 360’s latest updates

There’s a strong theme with the latest update of Articulate 360: making everything quicker – and in turn, making your eLearning development better and your life easier.

With new features in both Rise and Storyline 360, plus fantastic updates in Review and Content Library – we’re sure you’ll love these time-saving updates:

Faster workflows with new Rise interactions

The all-new simplified lesson selector allows you to create a lesson or a quiz in an instant. Coupled with the new, ever-present shortcut bar, your Rise development time just got a whole lot quicker. The shortcut bar remembers your frequently used blocks, meaning you can easily and quickly add new content to your course in one click.

Shortcut bar - Articulate 360

Faster authoring with more control in Storyline 360

The latest update of Articulate Storyline 360 brings a much sought-after feature to the award-winning authoring tool. The new conditional seekbar prevents learners from skipping ahead until they’ve reviewed all of the slide content. But after they’ve reviewed the content, they can drag the seekbar back and forth, allowing them to review the content they need.

Plus, Articulate have announced two updates that are coming soon, which we’re certain eLearning developers everywhere will love:

  1. Review/retry incorrect answers only
  2. All-new media library, allowing you to manage all the assets for your project in one place 

Faster (and easier) organisation in Review

Any eLearning developer working on more than one course simultaneously will understand the pain of searching for a course in Review. But with the latest update, you can now search for project title or creation date, to find your courses quicker. Plus – you can now keep track of your projects by creating folders in Review – meaning project management just got a whole lot easier.

Faster course creation with more choices in the Content Library

Last but not least, Articulate have added even more resources to the Content Library. An all new template, Affinity, provides a great start to any eLearning course – with a high-contrast, interactive design. Plus, two new characters (Joseph and Shafer) will bring a new lease of life to your courses.

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