Don’t miss these updates in Articulate 360


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Don't miss these updates in Articulate 360

November 2016 saw the launch of Articulate 360, giving   eLearning developers a whole new family of tools to play with. Articulate promised us continuous updates to the Articulate 360 suite – and they’ve stuck to their word, with over 60 updates in 2017.

“With our annual subscription model, we’re getting highly valuable features into customers’ hands faster than ever,” says Articulate CEO Adam Schwartz. “We shipped over sixty new features for Articulate 360 in 2017, and there’s more on the way. It’s truly satisfying to continually deliver features that make our customers’ jobs easier.”

We don’t want you to miss out, so we’ve summarised the Articulate 360 updates released in 2017 for you, below:

Collaboration for Articulate 360 Teams

Articulate have made it easier for teams to work together with new collaboration features in Storyline 360 and Rise. Users can now build from a shared collection of templates, slides and scenes from within Storyline 360. Whilst working collaboratively on Rise content, editing courses simultaneously.

Increased accessibility in Storyline 360

Articulate introduced the   closed caption editor in 2017, allowing users to create, edit and customise closed captions, while also letting users toggle them on and off. Alongside this, the introduction of tables also facilitates accessibility, by communicating to screen readers how data is organised.

Storyline 360 workflow enhancements

Developers can speed up the development processs by converting text to speech from within Storyline 360. Plus, the software also does all the work to generate closed captions that are synced with text-to-speech narration.

Alongside this, Storyline 360 also now includes object editing and motion-path enhancements. The ability to size and position objects with pixel-perfect precision and create flawless motion paths to control exactly how objects move around slides, gives developers more control over the appearance of their courses.

Do more with Rise

Over 25 new features were added to Rise in 2017. One of our favourites at Omniplex was the Storyline block, which allows course developers to add custom Storyline interactions into Rise courses. Giving you the best of both worlds: custom Storyline 360 interactions in gorgeous, inherently responsive Rise courses.

Alongside this, Articulate added new options for building quizzes in Rise. Course developers can choose from   a whole host of question types, including:

  • Multiple-response
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Matching questions

And with enhanced quiz-feedback options, course developers can display specific feedback depending on learners’ answers.

Gorgeous new assets in Content Library

At launch, Content Library included professionally designed slide templates and characters. However, throughout 2017, Articulate added:

  • A new template set
  • 15 characters
  • 2+ million royalty-free photographs, illustrations, videos, and icons

Flexibility in Articulate Review

Articulate Review completely changed the approval process for eLearning courses, and received a huge ‘thumbs up’ from   Cursim, Omniplex’s content development division.

Stakeholders can now view courses and provide feedback on Articulate 360 content in a web browser, with no download required. Articulate have continually worked on making Review easier to use, including allowing developers to choose how often they receive feedback comments, and allowing comments to be downloaded into a PDF or CSV file.

To make sure you’re always up to date on the new features in Articulate 360, check out Articulate’s ‘What’s new and what’s next’ page.