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How video can enhance your eLearning


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How video can enhance your eLearning

Video eLearning - TweetVideo is everywhere. From adverts on the telly, to our social media timelines – in fact, a friend of mine even spotted an LED screen on the side of a dustbin lorry in London! (@Timfuell) So, with video   everywhere    in our lives, it seems fool proof to include it in our eLearning, right?

Today’s learners need a lot more than a ‘click next’ course. They need attention-grabbing eLearning which diverts them away from life’s distractions. And video is a great way to do this.

However, learner engagement is just one way video will enhance your eLearning. Here are four more reasons I think you should include video in your next course:

  1. Learner expectations

    Today’s learners expect video to be part of your learning strategy, especially millennials. If they face a problem, they will head straight to YouTube or Google to see if they can watch someone else solve the problem and learn how to do it themselves.

    As a millennial myself, I know it’s my first port of call if I face any challenge. For example, last year when the very cold winter hit, I couldn’t work out how to turn on the heating in my new house (embarrassing, I know). What did I do? Ask a neighbour? Of course not. I found a video on YouTube and followed the instructions from there.

    But, it’s not just millennials that reach for video content when trying to learn a new skill. So why not cater for the needs and expectations of your learners, and engage them with video?

  1. Simplify complex information

    “They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what is a video worth?”

    In today’s digital world, we spend less time talking to one another, and more time typing. Break this mould! Instead, explain your more complex information with video (or animation). This will a) ensure your learners are engaged (see point one) and b) will allow you to break down your topic into manageable chunks, visually.

    For example,   imagine trying to explain concepts like global logistics, the inner-workings of a microprocessor, or Bitcoin, with text alone. Now imagine explaining it with the help of a video or animation. Much easier, right?

  1. Bring your learning to life

    As I mentioned in point two, we are spending more and more time behind a computer screen and less time speaking with one another.

    Using video within your eLearning combines the benefits of digital learning with those of face-to-face training. Video and animation allow you to convey emotion and bring your learning to life, which is known to aid in knowledge retention.

  1. Microlearning

    Microlearning involves delivering content to learners   in small, very specific bursts – putting your learners in control of what and when they’re learning. Although microlearning can take an array of forms, research suggests that   microlearning videos are the most effective and engaging medium.

    Video can engage employees by replicating a face-to-face connection. Plus, it gives today’s learners the sense of control they crave — they can watch it anywhere, anytime and can pause, slow down, speed up, or rewind as many times as they see fit.

So, there you have it, four reasons you should include video in your next eLearning course.

Think we’ve missed something? Get in touch   @OmniplexeLearn – we’d love to know your thoughts!